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High Cranking Power

Vehicles require cranking power to start and with our high cranking power you can rest assured it is just second’s away before you zoom off.

High Heat Tolerance

With our ‘high heat tolerance’ the internal resistance and longevity of the battery increases providing you the best performance.

Vibration Resistance

Our newly developed lead acid batteries eliminate failure caused due to vibration and extensive safety measures are being taken under electrical and mechanical abuse conditions.

Long Life

With our highly developed batteries the longevity is longer than usual helping you save extra maintenance cost every alternate year.

Great Reserve Capacity

With our high reserve capacity your machinery will run for a longer period before it requires recharging.



Turtle Batteries is an ISO certified organization and we maintain scientific procedure to manufacture our products.

We guarantee

  • - Quality check of our raw materials used scientifically and by acquiring quality test certificates from our regular suppliers.

  • - Scientific testing and advance machinery load procedure at every stage of manufacturing process to maintain quality check throughout the process.

    To stay updated about all the latest technological and scientific inventions used in production of batteries at low cost and high quality maintenance, we perpetuate cordial relations with consultancy agencies and seek their valuable advice on a regular basis.

  • Products

    We believe in keeping up with the latest developments related to the automotive industries and utilizing the latest technology and methods in our manufacturing process. All our battery under your hood of car, jeep, SUV or any commercial vehicle maintain high quality which help you start your engines instantly without any problem and also provide your power backups durability and longevity.
    We assure you,

    • High Cranking power
    • High heat tolerance
    • Vibration resistance
    • Long life
    • Great reserve capacity

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    Located in Bicholim Industrial Estate at Bicholim Goa, India, Turtle Batteries is an in-house manufacturing facility producing a wide range of lead acid batteries under one roof. We have a dedicated assembly line which is capable of producing 5 - 5.5 lakh plates. Accordingly the number of total batteries produced in a year depends on the number of plates used in one battery. We handle batteries right from charging to packaging along with adhering to stringent quality control and assurance policy.

    Our primary focus is on :

  • - Premium quality & reasonably priced batteries adhering to the latest technology/manufacturing standards.

  • - Systemized method & safe manufacturing processes to help maintain high standard product - thus making us one of the leading manufacturing brands in India.
  • Team

    Turtle Batteries was incorporated in 2003 by Shivshankar R. Jirage. Since then we have been growing and emerging as the best battery plate manufacturer for all types of battery and inverters. We are proud to say that due to our high quality plates, we have emerged as major suppliers for all small and large scale battery producers in entire western part of India. We manufacture & distribute the finest range of sealed lead batteries for private and commercial vehicle, inverter, generator set, online and offline UPS & battery plates under the brand name VIN and Turtle. We vertically and horizontally integrate to provide our customers premium quality products and the best services.

    Our team is the best in industry in the field of battery plate manufacturing. With their vast experience and work dedication, the consistency of quality is maintained regularly. Our work methodologies ensure the dual benefit of teamwork as well as individual growth and specialization. The spirit of work of every individual here is always high and we see that each task is cross checked so that we avoid any kind of errors while manufacturing.

    Our core mantra is “Every Individual Role Is Important & Even Smallest Job Deserves the Biggest Attention.” Our aim is to firmly establish a strong foothold in the Indian market by create a recognizable brand and to be the benchmark for other battery companies.

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    Incorporated in the year 2003 by Shivshankar R. Jirage as manufacturer of battery plates for all types of battery including inverter battery. We are proud to say that due to our quality of plates we have emerged as major suppliers of battery plates for small and large scale battery makers for small and commercial vehicle and also for inverter batteries in western part of India. We are manufacturing sealed lead acid battery for car ,jeep , Suv, Commercial Vehicle, Generator set online and offline ups and invertors in the brand name of VIN and TURTLE. Today we vertically and horizontally integrated to provide customer total quality products & services. We manufacture & distribute the finest range of Commercial Vehicle Batteries, Inverter batteries, generator set batteries & battery plates. Our aim is to firmly establish a strong foothold in the Indian market, create a recognizable brand and to be benchmark for other battery companies

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